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SIONYX self-appointed premises

Since the first beanie SIONYX sold strictly followed the self-imposed premises.


All hats and headbands are made with great passion by hand in Germany and the Czech Republic. Here are techniques such as knitting, crocheting, embroidering and sewing.

First Quality

The pure handicraft implies the best quality in manufacture. A high-quality polyacrylics wool mixture, which is derived exclusively from manufacturers in the European Union, ensures maximum comfort. A special feature is the use of a polyacrylics micro-fibre mixture for certain models.

Limited Editions

From each model of the collection comparatively few numbers are produced. Furthermore, SIONYX still offers to realize individual customer designs.

Eco Prospective

Ecological farsightedness is deep-seated within SIONYX. Short transport routes in the European Union, no direct use of electricity by handicraft and the packaging of the products in reusable plastic bags maintain the carbon footprint of the company at a low level, therefore ensuring that the footprint customers leave behind is minimal.
From head to toe since 2004 - 2017